Ewing Farmhouse Bathroom

*Update* We have completed the bathroom renovation with a huge thanks to Book Arts League volunteer and jack of all trades, Steve Matteson who lead the charge on this project, completing most of the work himself. Along with thanks to the generous support of:

Jim DeGracia for demolition help and many broken saw blades
Monotype for donating 2/3 of the cost for plumbing
Dave Arch for expeditious plumbing work

We are still in need of donations to offset our costs. Paypal donation link below. Thank you!

Book Arts League

We are in the process of upgrading the bathroom in the farmhouse. For years an old all-in-one non functioning cast iron oddity has been housed in the bathroom. It was used in a military barracks, possible at Lowry Air Force Base we are told, from the 40s or 50s. It has been torn out and we are raising funds to get our bathroom set up! It will be a luxury to not have to run out to the bunkhouse for the facilities.

Please donate any amount to help us get a bathroom in the farmhouse! Thanks!