Book Arts League

Annual memberships begin 2/3/2015 and end 2/3/2016
Participcate in volunteer opportunities to earn credits for studio time!

Your membership helps support book arts and letterpress printing. Members receive discounts on League-sponsored events and workshops, and may participate in League creative and community projects. Members also receive select discounts for supplies at Two Hands Paperie in Boulder.
Please Join Now! Choose from Student $26.00, Individual or GIFT $31.00, Family $42.00, Supporting $62.00 or Patron $104.00. Or give a gift membership to a family member or friend.

• Student membership – $26 per year

• Individual membership – $31 per year

• Family Membership – $42 per year

• Supporting membership – $62 per year

• Patron – $104 per year

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TshirtBook Arts League T Shirts from the 2016 Lafayette Peach Festival.

Designed and printed in Boulder, Colorado.

Choose from S, M, L or XL. Printed on black Anvil brand T shirts.

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