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Lino Letterpress Class May 14th, 2016

We had a great time at the latest Lino Letterpress Class on Saturday May 14th. What better way to spend a rainy Saturday than making prints? After a late start two students created a couple of really nice cards. We spent the first half of the class carving 3×4″ lino blocks. Then we moved into the bunkhouse to lock up the blocks on the Vandercook SP15 to print the first run on the cards. Next was setting the type to go below the printed images. Julia Seko & Vivian Jean will probably repeat this class in August, so stay tuned!











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Call for entries: Ephemera Exchange 2015

IMG_8500Every year the Book Arts League hosts an Ephemera playdate. This year we warmly invite you to play with us again! Make and edition of 30 pieces and send them in. These could be letterpress printed cards, hand made collages, potato prints or anything you can dream up! Make 30 send them in to the BAL, and then in March you will receive the entire collection, one piece from every artist who participated. Your piece needs to be 4 x 6″ or smaller (or folding down to that size.) The deadline has been extended to January 31, 2016 to invite more artists to contribute. All extra collections will be available for sale to support the BAL at open houses and community events. Did you miss last year’s collection? You can buy one the next time you stop in to the Ewing Farm for classes or artist events!

To play:


Send your edition of 30 pieces to:

Book Arts League EE 2015
c/o Brenda Gallagher
7963 Neva Road
Longmont, Colorado  80503

Please include a card with your full name, press name (if applicable), address and $6 for materials and return shipping.

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Hermann Zapf Memorial Tribute: Free Talk by Steve Matteson

Free Lecture – October 13th at 6 pm

Hermann Zapf received a B in Penmanship at the age of ten but went on to become a master calligrapher, type designer and typographer.

While he certainly influenced everyone in the book arts before his death in June of 2015, it is also possible every literate person has read his letterforms in print or on a computer.

Zapf’s extensive calligraphic works include the incomparable Das Blumen and Pen and Graver. His Typeface designs include Palatino, Optima and Zapfino. Join us for two short lectures about his calligraphy and type designs and a small exhibition commemorating his life and work.

Presentations by Denver calligrapher David Ashely & Louisville type designer Steve Matteson.


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Ewing Farmhouse Bathroom

*Update* We have completed the bathroom renovation with a huge thanks to Book Arts League volunteer and jack of all trades, Steve Matteson who lead the charge on this project, completing most of the work himself. Along with thanks to the generous support of:

Jim DeGracia for demolition help and many broken saw blades
Monotype for donating 2/3 of the cost for plumbing
Dave Arch for expeditious plumbing work

We are still in need of donations to offset our costs. Paypal donation link below. Thank you!

Book Arts League

We are in the process of upgrading the bathroom in the farmhouse. For years an old all-in-one non functioning cast iron oddity has been housed in the bathroom. It was used in a military barracks, possible at Lowry Air Force Base we are told, from the 40s or 50s. It has been torn out and we are raising funds to get our bathroom set up! It will be a luxury to not have to run out to the bunkhouse for the facilities.

Please donate any amount to help us get a bathroom in the farmhouse! Thanks!


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Type Con special event at Ewing

“Very successful workshop today… we were there from about 10 until 2:30 and got some very satisfying results. We had a total of 8 people print, cut linoleum and do calligraphy. Participants included award winning type designers Carl Crossgrove, Terrance Weinzierl, Jim Wasco. Also Linda Hintz and Jim Ford. My boss, Deborah Gonet participated as well as a senior product manager (Bill Davis) and our head of font tool programming Tom Rickner.”
– Steve Matteson

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Tom Parson’s Tabletop Presses class – May 17

Six students participated in Tom’s day long class about tabletop presses on Sunday May 17. We were introduced to small platen presses such as the C&P Pilot press, and tabletop proof presses. The BAL Adana press was used for the first time. After an overview of the history of the smaller letterpress presses we got some hands on experience setting some type, locking up, and adjusting the presses to suit individual projects.

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Lino Letterpress Class April 25

Julia Seko and Vivian Jean hosted a fun all day class combining linoleum block carving with typesetting. Four enthusiastic students brought great ideas for their carvings, carved the blocks in 3 hours; then worked with Julia to typeset their phrase. Each person went home with an edition of 25 cards and envelopes (gold lined!). The blocks were printed on the Vandercook SP15; the type was printed on the Schneidewend & Lee platen press. This class is a great Letterpress and Printmaking 101 level, no experience needed. We will definitely offer it again! We’re thinking of offering a multi color class 102 level… maybe in the Fall.

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But First, Coffee: April 12 Letterpress Workshop

We had a creative and enthusiastic group in our latest But First, Coffee workshop. Students choose a favorite coffee-inspired quote or saying and then selected wood and metal type (and also from a selection of Virgin and Moore wood type ornaments and cuts) to create a printed work.We had 12×19″ broadsides with big wood type and some more delicate approaches to the theme as well.

We served up Lafayette-roasted coffee from Proper Grounds and snacks from Tee & Cakes to fuel the creative process.

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