Annual Ephemera Exchange!

Ephemera: is any transitory written or printed matter not meant to be retained or preserved.

Each year the Book Arts League hosts an Ephemera playdate. This year we warmly invite you to play with us again! Letterpress printed pieces are encouraged, but the BAL will accept any entry! In the past we have had potato prints, laser printed quotes, creative cuttings from old phone books, poems picked out on pages of old books, a set of 30 individual collages, folded maps, even laser printed illustrations. Anything you can print, you can send!!

To play, make an edition of 30 pieces, send them in to the BAL. Once the Book Arts League receives all entries for 2021 the sets will be collated. A BAL volunteer will then design a wrapper or package to contain the collection and you will be mailed back a complete set! Inside your package you will receive one piece from every person who participated and one of your own pieces. Also included will be a list of the names of all the artists who participated. We have had participants from all across the US!!

Your piece needs to be 5×7" or smaller (or folding down to that size.) All extra collections will be available for sale to support the BAL at open houses and community events. Did you miss last year’s collection? You can buy one the next time you stop in to the Ewing Farm for classes or artist events!

The Deadline for the 2021 Ephemera playdate is January 31, 2021. (Or as close to this date as you can manage)

Please send your edition of 30 pieces no larger than 5 x 7″ (or folding down to that size) to:

Book Arts League Ephemera Exchange
c/o Brenda Gallagher
7963 Neva Rd. Longmont, CO 80503

Please include a card with your name, return address and $8.30 to cover the USPS Flat Rate shipping amount.

Your complete collection will be sent back to you in March of 2021.

Questions? Contact us!



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