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& Talk Was a Wonderful Success!

We wanted to thank everybody who came out to the & Talk! Our hearts are warmed with your support and generosity. Not only did we have a full house and a wonderful crowd, we received donations, membership signups  and sales that help keep the printshop stocked with supplies and farmhouse lights on!

In 2020 — with your help — we’d like to take the Book Arts League to the next level. We've outlined our workshops for the year and will update everybody once all the details are ironed out. We are also looking for more events to host that would enrich your experiences and book arts fans.

Many of you have taken our survey and Steve’s talk was a result of the feedback we received from the responses. If you have any suggestions or ideas, you can submit them here for consideration. Or you can always email us if you have any speaker ideas or whatever else you think our printing and design community would love to see!

Happy Printing, Julia, Brenda, Tom, Brian, Steve, Greg & Janette

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