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Fold and Cut book 
Taught by Julia Seko and Greg Robl


  • TWO SATURDAYS: September 17 & 24 
  • times: TBD
  • $250 for two days incl. materials


In this two-day class, we'll print and bind a small (approx. 3" x 6" book) that we'll title The Organic Book. The term "organic" comes into play in our workshop because we will sequence a reading experience that seems immediately random and disjointed but actually has a theme throughout -- associations of our experiences. On the first day we'll design and print an eight-panel boustrophedon of ornaments and short texts with metal and wood type (two panels remain blank since they disappear into the cover. On the second day, the following weekend, we will print a second eight-panel boustrophedon and sew additional signatures from this print into the folds of the first boustrophedon and fold the resulting text block into a lokta cover on which we've printed the title and colophon. Lokta is traditionally made in vibrant colors, and participants will be able to choose one of several colors. All materials are included. The instructors and participants will collaborate by email ahead of the workshop to begin considering content.


All materials included!

Fold and Cut book — Sept. 17 & 24

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