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Sunday, October 3 • 10am-4pm
Taught by Julia Seko and Greg Robl

Cost: $100 or $150 for both (Save $50!)

In two sessions, we’ll introduce students to the Book Arts League Print Shop and cover some letterpress basics.  In Session 1 we’ll begin by making simple collage compositions with wood and metal type, ornaments and engravings available in the shop, and print them on the Vandercook SP-15 press.  In Session 2 we’ll focus on the process of typesetting with metal type and be introduced to more traditional presswork like lockup and registration. 


Participants will each print 20 copies of a small keepsake.  (Students attending both classes will print using both techniques—collage and typesetting—on their cards.)


6 students per class max.

Intro to Letterpress - Part 2 (of 2) - 10/3/21

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